Teen Leadership Training

Teen Leadership Retreat

Teen Leadership Training

Each year youth in grades 9 - 12 gather at Utah State University from around the state to develop leadership skills. Participants take part in a variety of fun and challenging activities designed to enhance their ability to lead in their clubs and communities.   This year participants will learn how to identify challenges and problems in their home communities and find ways to make a difference.

TLT 2015!

October 15-17, 2015
Utah State University (Logan, UT)
(During UEA)

Exciting things happening this year!

  • USU Football Game
  • USU Tailgate Party
  • 4-H Dance

Youth prices:

  • 2 person room: $152
  • 3 person room: $137
  • 4 person room: $112

Adult prices:

  • 1 person room: $198
  • 2 person room: $129

We understand that some school districts no longer schedule days off during UEA.  We encourage the youth who still want to attend TLT to discuss with their parents whether it is appropriate to take time off from school to participate.

Teen Leadership Training

TLT Packing List

Contact your County Office with any questions.

 Questions?  Contact Craig Dart at (435) 797-0208 or craig.dart@usu.edu